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Commission rate for commodity trading and futures trading

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The simplest, completely hassle-free method to negotiate your commission rate for futures trading and commodity trading, as well as, commodity option trading and futures option trading.

You determine the level of commodity trading and futures trading service you require (full service, discount commodity service, online futures trading, or daytrading) and the round-turn commission rate you will pay for that level of service. E-mail us the commission rate you would like and we will e-mail back to you if we can do it. It’s that simple! This eliminates the haggling!

We promise our commodity brokers will not call you, send you sales literature or generally hassle you in any way. Our futures brokers will respect your privacy.

Even if you are already trading commodities somewhere, it would be well worth your time to submit a commission bid. It just might save you significant commission money and it doesn’t cost a thing to submit a commission bid. The whole process takes less than 3 minutes. Go for it!


An expert commodity broker or futures broker will work closely with you to develop a Personal Investment Strategy that you will feel comfortable with!