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About Absolute Futures Trades

We Trade Everything From Currency to Pork Bellies

We are Absolute-Futures. We are very proud to provide a full line of services to all commodity / option traders, from currency trading to pork bellies. Full-service includes one on one discussion with a licensed broker. We will assist you in developing a trading strategy for any market. This could be anything in a specific currency such as the Australian Dollar to Japanese Yen. It also could be in Fluid Milk, to Bonds, to the S&P500. The trading strategy may include commodity futures, options on the commodity or a synthetic futures strategy. We will provide charts to assist in commodity analysis. We are experienced in the use of Elliott Wave Theory, Gann Technique, and the use of Fibonacci numbers to determine wave retracements, as well as, wave expansions. We can assist commodity / option traders to understand how to place commodity orders correctly and explain what the order means to the commodity/option trader. This could be anything from a simple market order, to a market on close order, or a market on open order. We will take the time to explain what it means to the commodity/option trader. We will also take the time to assist all commodity/option traders in understanding commodity option pricing; including an explanation of Delta for options.

We also provide on-line commodity and option trading. This is for the more experienced commodity / option trader. Our on-line commodity trading is fast and secure. Our on-line commodity/option rates are very competitive. We also provide the commodity/option trader an excellent commodity newsletter on a weekly basis to assist them with their commodity market analysis. The newsletter covers all the major commodity markets; any commodity market from soybeans and wheat, to platinum and unleaded gas.

We believe commodity/option traders should have charts, charts, and more charts. This should be the starting point for all commodity/option traders. Charts paint a very good picture for a commodity market. It’s no different than going on a trip. To get where you are trying to go, you need a map. The commodity chart is the road map for the commodity/option trader. We will assist the commodity/option trader in understanding the commodity chart they are viewing.

All things considered, any commodity/option trader who is looking for a competent, honest, and knowledgeable broker; and is looking for competitive rates for whatever level of service their trading needs require; consider Absolute-Futures commodity brokerage.

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