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Discretionary Futures
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Too busy? No time to monitor the markets?

Finding it difficult to pull the trigger on a trade?
Want to take advantage of the tremendous leverage available trading commodities, but don’t know how?

Absolute Futures Commodity Brokerage can help!!

We will trade your account for you. We will make the trades, place the stops, and set the profit objectives.

We do NOT charge management fees or take a portion of your profits on successful trades.

You will receive a statement on every trade that is made in your trading account. You also will be provided proprietary codes, so you can monitor your trading account 24 hours, 7 days a week.

With Absolute Futures You will always know how your trading account is performing!

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Are You New to Futures or Commodities trading?

Through Absolute Futures get Free Commodity charting, charts and up to date analysis software!

We have Extensive Experience working with beginning traders that are taking commodity training courses!

We welcome all first time investors!

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An expert commodity broker or futures broker will work closely with you to develop a Personal Investment Strategy that you will feel comfortable with!