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Our login interface differs from version 1.0. You will be prompted for a USERNAME & PASSWORD verses an ACCOUNT NUMBER & PASSWORD as before. You will enter the same information as before but, it is imperative that you add alr.
(do not forget the dot after the alr) before both the username and password.

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PASSWORD: alr.your password

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Online commodity and futures trading is made easy when using our online trading platform. Our online commodity trading and futures trading system has had many revisions over the years improving online futures order execution, reliability on the entire online commodity trading system, as well as safeguards to help prevent the online futures trader from placing their online commodity orders incorrectly.

Our online futures trading platform is available to every online commodity trader, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The futures trader can monitor their commodity account on a continuous basis. Each futures trader will be able to monitor their commodity accounts futures trading equity throughout the trading sessions for the various commodity markets and futures markets.

Our online futures trading platform provides the online commodity trader the ability to get live commodity quotes and live futures quotes, for all traded commodity contracts and futures contracts.

Simply stated, our online commodity trading and online futures trading system is state of the art for the futures trader with fast, efficient, and reliable commodity order and futures order execution, including commodity option orders and futures option orders.


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