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Displaying price and volume information can be done in a variety of ways.  The commodity futures chart is one of the most common and effective methods.  A futures chart indicates a single bar that extends from the high to the low for the trading period it is meant to depict.  In addition, the opening and closing price levels could be displayed as small branches coming away from the main bar at the appropriate level.  Closing prices are put on the right of the bar.  Opening prices are put on the left side of the bar.  In addition to futures analysis bar charts, traders have discovered the use and value of using commodity candlestick charts, candlevolume, equivolume, kagi line, point and figure, renko and three line break charts.

The key to using online futures charts is to keep in mind
that the chart is to the commodity trader, as the road map is to the traveler.

A commodity chart in the hands of an experienced futures chart analyst is like investment money in the Federal Reserve.  We suggest that when analyzing a futures chart for a particular commodity, that you start by looking at the monthly chart, and progressing down to the weekly commodity chart, and then the daily trading chart.  This will give you a perspective of the potential price movement for specific commodities, in relation to how long it will possibly take for the futures contract to actually achieve a projected price quote.  Chart analysis, is simply the very best technique available for the average investment trader to determine future commodity price action.

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