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To further enhance the Gecko Commodity Chart Software and futures chart software learning experience, as well as, increase your commodity trading knowledge, we suggest you also purchase “Absolute Pattern Trading”. This will move your futures trading knowledge to a completely new level.

The Absolute Pattern Matching training has been developed to expose the commodity trader and futures trader to specific patterns that appear on a commodity chart and futures chart.

These are commodity trading patterns that happen on a recurring basis. There is no magic involved.

Once you have been exposed to these futures trading patterns you will be able to monitor a commodity trading chart and uncover the futures trading patterns as they are developing.

The more you work with each commodity group and futures group you will discover that each commodity group and futures group has its own signature of futures market fingerprint. You will observe the same commodity trading patterns on a recurring basis within certain commodity market groups or futures market groups. You are now at a level where you feel comfortable placing your trade orders according to the futures trading pattern that you observe.

The Absolute Pattern Matching training explains where to place your buy or sell according to the developing pattern that you recognize. You are NOW in charge and in the 5% of successful commodity traders. You are the BOSS!!

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